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October 23rd, 2014

This is the back of a building. A blue building. The back of it. I think I mentioned that. Yeah. So… building. I like it. The building itself is rather old, dating back to 1912, according to a date written on one of the corners of the structure. The front of the place faces 3rd […] The post

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October 22nd, 2014

These trees on the corner of 3rd. and Fir St. are right pretty most of the year, but they were especially pretty when I saw them a few days ago, with the morning light illuminating the leaves. I wish I had more time to go out and go autumn leaf hunting. I hope I can […] The post

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October 21st, 2014

Guest photographer Tom Miller brings the pretty with this lovely autumn shot of the Santiam River. It must have been awesome to actually be there. Thanks, Tom! I’m asking for help This is nothing something I want to have to do, but I need help. My cat, Butler (that’s him at right), suddenly became very [̷

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October 20th, 2014

I believe this structure at the Knife River sand and gravel place across the bridge south of Stayton is what is technically known as a “doohickey.” It could also be a “whatsit” or a “thingamajig.” I’m fairly certain it is not a “doodad,” but I’ve been known to b

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October 19th, 2014

This bit of autumn leafy goodness was found at the edge of someone’s yard by Pioneer Park. I’m waiting for that someone’s yard to turn all orange and yellow so I can get a shot of it, because that someone’s yard is gorgeous when it does that. Well, it’s always gorgeous, but especially when i

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October 18th, 2014

Guest photographer Tom Miller brings us this image of an old barn that fell last winter. He writes: Do any of you remember this old barn out in the Waldo Hills area. It was located on the corner of Cascade Hwy SE and Waldo Hills Dr SE. Well it collapsed last winter, it just couldn’t […] The post

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October 17th, 2014

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson took this simply beautiful photo of an autumn leaf stuck in a fence. So cool. Thanks, Maryann! Please help find Stanley the therapy dog!! A therapy dog from Santiam Hospital went missing earlier this week, so if you’re in the area, please be on the look out for him. He’s an

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October 16th, 2014

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams is already lamenting the change in weather autumn has brought. Her description: In the coming days, weeks, and months….while we sit in our houses, all depressed about the weather….we all can take a look at this photo I got just a few of nights ago on my way home….. well

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October 15th, 2014

From the random file comes this photo of the side of T&J Furniture on Ida St. This is actually facing 2nd Ave., and is likely a loading bay. I thought it was funny how that machine — is it a washer or dryer? — was just sitting outside, chilling with the garbage can. I think […] The post

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October 14th, 2014

I’m still trying to find trees with autumn-colored leaves, but the trees just aren’t cooperating yet. This big tree in the Neitling Park section of Pioneer Park is starting to turn, so here’s a wee bit of autumn. It’s going to be raining for the rest of the week, apparently, so my autumn leave hun

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October 13th, 2014

I went hunting for autumn leaves a few days ago, but didn’t find much as of yet. If it hadn’t been for this big tree by the water off of 4th Ave., I was going to question whether we are really in October. It’s been pretty warm here so far, so the trees haven’t quite […] The post

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October 12th, 2014

Chuck Martin caught this lovely sunrise over the pond area behind the park and ride at the north end of Stayton, along Cascade Highway. I’ve been down to this area several times, but I’ve never made it at sunrise. If only sunrise happened later in the day. Thanks, Chuck! The post

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October 11th, 2014

We had some fog a few mornings ago, and guest photographer Maryann Nielson captured it beautifully. She also caught what appear to be Canada geese. Thanks, Maryann! The post Fog In A Field appeared first on

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October 10th, 2014

The ongoing construction at the elementary school (where it faces 3rd Ave.) seems to be moving along nicely. I last posted a photo of it almost a month ago, and it looks markedly different than it did then. I think it’s scheduled to be completed in January (I could also be wrong). I’m sure everyone […]

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