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by Dirk VanderHart

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Say Goodbye to the Third Eye During the Portland Head Shop's Final Blowout

by Josh Jardine When I moved to Portland in 1989, I knew exactly three people, I thought Satyricon was both cool and scary (rig

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by Anonymous Or meetings, or workshops, whatever you wanna call it. Teaching an adult is pointless. Way more senseless than training a stray cat or a kid. The only point is that it makes adults feel like they're doing something important, maybe making money from, getting paid

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by Dirk VanderHart Promising to further regulate landlords, proposing borro

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Oh My God! What a Stupid, Beautiful Movie

by Suzette Smith I was having a rotten day before I watched CHIPS, but its explosion-heavy, progressive-bro

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by Megan Burbank

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Power Rangers Made Me Feel Old. Because I am Old, So Very Old

by Bri Brey Power Rangers these days, amirite? They're all shiny and sleek! Their mouths move

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Introducing Wynne

by Jenni Moore WYNNE PHILLIP QUINN Whew! Now that I’ve gotten some feminist c

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Live: Watch House Members Cast Their Votes on Repealing Obamacare (Or Maybe Not)

by Eli Sanders Oops. We're fucked. Zach Gibson / Getty What's

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by Dirk VanderHart

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by Arthur Bradford The Blazers were supposed to win this game and they did. The Knicks are just coasting to the end of a forgettable season at this point, something many people expected the Blazers to be doing as well. But fortunately for us fans there's still some drama left

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by Mercury Staff The Return of the Tonic Lounge: Fred & Toody, Tallwomen, Aubrey Debauchery Portland musicians Fred and Toody Cole rocked together for decades i

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I, Anonymous Classic: Kitties 'n' Condoms

by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey Kalah Allen Only the best/strangest/awesomest

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by Dan Savage @MAStateToday The #DeathPanel #RichMenWalk

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Timbers v. Columbus Match Preview

by Abe Asher Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports Three weeks into the 2017 season, the Portland Timbers are flying high.

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Things to Do This Weekend: March 24-26

by Mercury Staff Weekends are for celebration, and there's a ton of it to be done this weekend, including a 10th birthday for Blowpony,

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by Anonymous Okay, it's not the staring and looking. Though people do it way too much for my own sanity. It's these unfriendly eyeballs of judgment, fear or paranoia, or something. Like WTF? Okay I don't care if you look at me. Okay I don't care if you do it 20 times in a few

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by Anonymous You have the least equitable city government in the United States of Trump America. No other city this size has this stupid form of government. Seriously, look it up. If you want a form of government to keep communities of interest from being represented, congratu

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by Anonymous You: "scuse me sir"!?Me: "yes"?You: "can I show you something"? (Motions for me to come over)Me: (not coming over) "let me guess, you found a broken egg"?I reply.You: "Yes! I don't know what you guys do with this but I found one"!(Hands me

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Check Out This Dumb Shit the Oregon Republican Party Said About Portland and Immigrants

by Doug Brown The Oregon Republican Party wants to remind you that they're dumb assholes. Yesterday, Portland City Cou

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Surprise! Vote on Terrible ACA Replacement Delayed Because No One Likes it

by Megan Burbank This is the future liberals want.

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by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey Guys! The next incarnation of Twin Peaks drops on Showtime this coming MAY 21—and to wet your whistle, here are some photos from Entertainment Weekly's upcoming Twin Peaks issue.

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by Anonymous Just received the "Arts Income Tax Return" for 2016. We moved from Portland two years ago. I notified you of that when you dunned us for the tax last year. I haven't even stepped foot in the state. Yet a phone call to your office just now indicates that no one the

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Historically, Who Was Worse for Weed Than Jeff Sessions? This Guy Was.

by Vince Sliwoski Mark WilsonDear Pot Lawyer, Jeff Sessions is

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by Anonymous I'm gonna COMMUNICATE this. As a cashier, I'm nobody to most and 50% of people prove it to me. It doesn't make me feel worthless, however. I'm a means to an end. I'm a stranger. Why be polite? I just think what's wrong in someone's life that they turned out incomp

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by Anonymous There is a difference. Especially for the person on the receiving end. For example, someone wants to fart, and gives a little warning. It's nice to prepare. Versus the person that just lets it rip. Or, a roommate asking to eat the last slice of pizza, or the perso

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After Outbursts and Insults, Nick Fish Won't Let his Employees Attend City Council Meetings

by Dirk VanderHart

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Dems Are Going To Filibuster Gorsuch But We're All Going to Die Anyway Because of the AHCA

by Tricia Romano No to Gorsuch Getty Images New York Senator Chuck Schu

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Detroiters Is the Funniest Show on TV Right Now

by Ned Lannamann On Monday, it was announced that Detroiters has been renewed for a second season. This is fantas

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