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Living with Yourself Is a Double Stuf Oreo Where Paul Rudd Is the Crème

by Ned Lannamann NetflixPaul Rudd started trending on Twitter today, which seemed to alarm a lot o

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by Wm. Steven Humphrey HUMP! 2019It's the most wonderful t

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by Ben Coleman Jessica Miglio The problem with comedy sequels

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Good Morning, News: Sondland Speaks, Portland's Preventable Homeless Deaths, and The Blob

by Blair Stenvick Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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by Anonymous Ok. All you last-minute-left-turners listen up! When you do that sudden stop and flip your turn signal I’m busy ass traffic, YOU are also pissing off dozens of people. Stop it. Go to the next intersection and double back like a decent person does. Stop bei

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by Kathleen Marie {{image:1}} Last night reverberated with decades of rock as Bush, LIVE, and Our Lady Peace closed in on the final stretch of "The ALTimate" North American tour, celebrating 25 years since Bush’s Sixteen Stone and Live’s Throwing Copper

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Rep. Jennifer Williamson Enters Oregon Secretary of State Race

by Blair Stenvick Rep. Jennifer WilliamsonPortland’s Rep. Jennife

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by Anonymous You people are slobs in public bathrooms. Jeez. Good lord. Absolute slobs. Fucking disgusting. Then you'll use it 8 times a day. Btw, if you're in a public bathroom for 20 to 30 min, something is fucking wrong with you. You make me sick. [

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by Mercury Things to Do Staff Nuggets Night Farewell Freaker For 12 years, Nuggets Nights have featured Portland bands performing the garage-rock classics from

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Pot Stock Profits Are Going Up in Smoke

by Josh Jardine Darren415/Getty ImagesUntil recently, there was much ado about investing in

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by Erik Henriksen Claudette Barius / NetflixSteven Soder

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Ninety-Two Homeless People Died in Multnomah County in 2018

by Alex Zielinski

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Good Morning, News: Candidates Target Warren, Civil Servants Spill Tea on Trump, and Reward Offered for Info on Sean Kealiher's Death

by Wm. Steven Humphrey Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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by Mercury Things to Do Staff Halloween is getting closer every day, and this weekend almost feels like it wants to skip the wait and start now, which isn't a bad idea when you have the Boo Bomb dropping, Nuggets Night flying all the garage-raised birds as they say good

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by Anonymous The flowers died the night I got them. What a sign! Dry and neglected, you gave me blue hydrangeas. No doubt they were beautiful at first. But they must've died when it took you more than an hour to make a 35 minute drive. Came up short. And I wish for this

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Mother of Sean Kealiher Asks Mourners to Stop Writing on the Democratic Party of Oregon Building

by Alex Zielinski

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HBO's Watchmen TV Show Has the Volatility of Kerosene

by Ned Lannamann Regina King in HBO's Watchmen. Mark Hill/HBO

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Vapocalypse 2019: Tell Me When It’s Over Edition

by Josh Jardine 6OKEAN/GETTY IMAGESI know it’s as grim for you to r

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Savage Love Classic: If You See a Prude Eating Ass In a Sex Club Are You Obligated To Keep Quiet About It?

by Dan Savage [This delightfully v

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Mayor Wheeler Promises "Real Change" In Re-Election Launch Speech

by Blair Stenvick BLAIR STENVICKFor the first time in almost two decades, a Portland mayor is running for a second

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Good Morning, News: Fort Worth Cop Charged With Murder, Family of Man Killed by Cops Sues Portand, and Yakama Nation Calls For Dam Removals

by Alex Zielinski Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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Family of Man Fatally Shot by Police While in Mental Health Crisis Sues City of Portland

by Alex Zielinski Lane Martin at his PCC graduation. Martin family

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by Anonymous One big reason our streams are so toxic. People wouldn’t feel the need to use Drano one of the worst toxins/poisons that go into our streams. You can try as a homeowner or apartment dweller to unclog your drain with white vinegar baking soda and plunging it, but

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by Anonymous I work at a hospital in Portland and was sexually assaulted by a patient. I spoke up the moment it happened because that's what us girls are told to do right? I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't tell anyone he trapped me in that room and touched my body. I wish I did

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by Jenni Moore

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The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day: Stripping Tips

by Wm. Steven Humphrey And now, a public service announcement from a member of Portland's most revered professions (that doesn't get nearl

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Portland Thorns Recap: Thorns Draw Against Washington Spirit, 0-0

by Erin O'Regan Providence Park was ROCKIN' on Saturday

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by Alex Zielinski

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by Mercury Things to Do Staff It's cold out, but it's not too cold. Just brisk enough to put a little extra pep in that step, to move you from one Autumnal adventure to the other and enjoy the best of the Fall season in Portland, with an abundance of arts, music, movies

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by Anonymous We all know Portland as the “strip club capital”. But Portland, you need to do better. Some of you don't realize (and some of you do, but feel entitled anyway): dancers DO NOT get payed by the clubs, they pay a "house fee" in order to work! So, after

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