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5 Things to Do for August 15 by Mercury Things to Do Staff

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by Anonymous But,,, I would vote yay on a 25%(125%?) ammo tax, especially if they stick a surgeon general's warning on the box. [ Comment on this story ]

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Neighborhood Association Opposes New City Rules on Developer Outreach

by Kelly Kenoyer Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability The Overlook N

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by Dan Savage Also: Sanders can't guarantee that there isn't a tape out there of Trump using the n-word. And s

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by Ned Lannamann

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After Legalization, Californians Are Still Buying Black-Market Weed

by Josh Jardine ROBINOLIMB/GETTY IMAGESCalifornia cannabis deliver

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Good Morning News: Terrorism in England, Bridge Collapse in Italy, Oregon is Still on Fire

by Kelly Kenoyer Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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by Anonymous I have not slept in a long while, my eyesBecome a source of hallucinations. Cats, large and white and black, stalk through the night And follow me wherever I may go.Like ghosts of fallen trees seeking revenge. They jump out of buildi

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by Anonymous Did you really need to shake your head at the older woman on your commute today? She just missed the bus, but the driver was willing to stop for her right after the intersection where the stop is. The bus did not go into the bike lane, but stopped next to it. Whe

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by Anonymous I'm 45 years old and every summer, without fail, I get to engage in unwanted conversation with some white person about the color of my skin. I'm Hispanic and I get pretty damn tan in the summer and every year there is inevitably some white co-worker or stranger wh

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8 Things to Do for August 14 by Mercury Things to Do Staff Candidate Forum: PDX's 1st African-American Female Councilmember

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PSU Welcomes Students from Saudi Arabia Barred from Canada Universities

by Alex Zielinski COSMONAUT / GETTY IMAGES Portland State U

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by Anonymous There is an open investigation into Trump and money laundering and Russian mob ties Way before Mueller came on the scene. [ Comment on this s

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by Anonymous please stop calling yourself natives. I know why, I used to say the same when I was in my 20's growing up in SF with all the fucking transplants moving in (angry 20's is a thing today).... but now that I'm older and live outside of the place I grew up, I see how r

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The 28 Best Things to Do in Portland This (Burger) Week: August 13-16

That's 28 Things to Do Aside from Eating all 50 Burgers Available During Burger Week! by Mercury Things to Do Staff The rest of the week may be sunny, but still—it resides in the large, welcome shadow of

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Good Morning, News: Seattle Plane Heist, Charlottesville Anniversary Rallies, Stephen Miller's Uncle 2020

by Alex Zielinski Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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6 Things to Do for August 13 by Mercury Things to Do Staff The Portland Mercury's Burger Week Begins! From Monday August 13 - Saturday Augu

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by Anonymous On my newly installed camera, I’ve seen you let your dog shit into my garden almost every day.Thanks to said camera, I’ve figured out who you are and where you live . I’ve been collecting every turd into a bucket. Once this bucket is filled past the br

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by Anonymous New Portland is like when your parents joined Facebook."Oh look, what a quirky and fun place."Spots one homeless person: "I didn't pay all this money moving here to have to look at the people my lifestyle tourism and selfish consumerist attitude displa

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Timbers' Unbeaten Streak Ends With Home Loss to Vancouver

by Abe Asher Craig Mitchelldyer/Portland Timbers The streak is dead, and in bitter fashion. One game away from se

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by Anonymous You were zooming through the intersection of NW 12th/Pettygrove not even slowing down for me crossing. Yet you opened your pie hole and said something stupid (of course). 10 to 1 you aren't from here, some goddamn transplant who thinks your entitled! Listen you

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by Mercury Promotions IT’S BACK. The only time of year that matters—the

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by Anonymous The easiest prediction of 2018: eScooter riders will continue to use the sidewalks, won't be wearing helmets and PBOT will declare the 'trial' a success. [

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by Kelly Kenoyer TriMetA recent study of TriMet’s

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by Anonymous Am I the only one grossed out, that on FB marketplace, there are hundreds of women selling their used cosmetics? Not only are you gross, but you’re disgusting for reselling your bacteria laden castoffs. Think about it. When you originally bought that tube of lip

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by Anonymous To the guy from okcupid with whom I met up last week for what I thought was going to be some hot, respectful sexytime - thanks for reminding me once again that so many dudes are assholes. You self-identified as sex-positive, GGG - and, I inferred (incorrectly), a

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by Mercury Promotions IT’S BACK. The only time of year that matters—t

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Alice Bolin's Dead Girls Explores Why Everyone in the Northwest Is so Obsessed with Serial Killers

by Rich Smith Alice Bolin's debut collection of essays, Dead Girls, illuminates a mystery that has plagued

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Fast Burgers, Burger Week Burgers, and Old-Fashioned Crawfish Boils: Your Weekly Food and Drink Wrap-Up

by Chad Walsh Burnside Brewing's "Cornholio Burger" | Photo by Meg Nanna It is happening again.

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If You Eat Meat, You're in a Lot of Bad Company

A recent Gallup poll found the number of Americans who identify as vegetarian and vegan minuscule; here's why that's bad. by Dave Segal

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