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Things to Do Friday!

15 Things to Do for October 19 by Mercury Things to Do Staff

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Here Are Three Worthwhile Opportunities to See Hip-Hop and R&B in Portland In the Next Week

by Jenni Moore The Internet Alan LearHawthorne Hip-Hop Showcase

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by Wm. Steven Humphrey Guys, not getting enough sleep is a dangerous thing! And in some cases it can be DEADLY.

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Why Do Women Love Murder?

by Katie Herzog CASSANDRA SWAN"Personally, I'm drawn to Jef

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Reader Thoughts on Short Guys, Booze, Buttons, and Wankers

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up by Dan Savage

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Blazers Preview: It's Opening Night in Rip City!!

by Arthur Bradford Bruce Ely/ The NBA circus has rolled into Portland tonight for a huge, nationally televi

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Knute Buehler Proposes Empty "Plan" to Turn Wapato Jail into Shelter

by Alex Zielinski Multnomah County This morning, Oregon representative and Republ

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by Ned Lannamann I’ve never been a parent or a junkie (yet!), but I found a lot that resonated in Beautiful Boy, a low

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by Anonymous Leaves are popping, Crisp air. Mushrooms in the forests. Autumn strolls. Cozy sweaters. Big Rains. I love the big rains. If you're new to the area, maybe just bought a house, enjoyed that summer that people just don't know about, the rains are a cleansing time. Th

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by Suzette Smith Compared to Angie Thomas’ YA novel, this adaptation of The H

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by Anonymous I found your charging handle in the woods next to some empty shell boxes. Looks like you have a nice weapon. Learn to take care of it. [ Comment

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Planned March Demands Vancouver Stop Sending Alt-Right "Dildos" to Portland

by Erik Henriksen"It's going to be something to see," says Martin Connoll

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Good Morning, News: Khashoggi's Final Column, Justice for Heidi Cruz, and Blazers' Kickoff Game

by Alex Zielinski Chris McGrath / Staff Stay up to date on Portland

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The 40 Best Things to Do in Portland This Weekend: Oct 19-21

Video Game Valhalla, Football Furies, Seance Parties, and a (YAS) Queen Named Phoebe by Mercury Things to Do Staff Jump to: Friday | Saturd

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by Anonymous What's with fellow employees and how they've been with the work place for this many more years than me, and so, "THIS IS HOW I DO IT" mentality? Even though, I'm more experienced in the type of work we're doing, which I don't make known unless it is brought up.

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Clay’s Smokehouse Extinguishes Its SE Division Smokers

by Chad Walsh Minh TranFrom the ICYMI Department, Clay’s Smokehouse

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by Anonymous The story of 3 dudes and their hair. One dude kept kneading his white beard, twisting it, and turning it. Over and over, for the whole hour I was there. He better have some good idea or something because he was driving me nuts. The next dude was sto

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Things to Do Thursday!

9 Things to Do for Oct 18 by Mercury Things to Do Staff

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Fight Bigotry With Buck Angel!

Savage Love Letter of the Day by Dan Savage

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Tacoma Weekly Publisher Is Allegedly Stealing Employee Wages

The publisher of the Tacoma Weekly was allegedly deducting healthcare premiums from employee paychecks without actually paying for the health insurance his employees thought they were buying. by Lester Black

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Smoothie News: Greenleaf Goes Brick & Mortar in the Pearl

by Chad Walsh Five years ago, Matt Trenkle and Garrett Flynn operated a fresh juice and smoothie cart c

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Queue Coffee is Now Pouring Espresso Drinks in Slabtown

by Chad Walsh Developers appear to have learned their lesson. The lesson being that it’s very, very difficult to lease out large, quarter

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by Anonymous I am a Registered Nurse in a Portland hospital. Last night, I accidentally administered the wrong dose of a medication to a patient and nearly killed him. I’ve been a nurse for almost 5 years and, despite how this may seem, I’m a very good nurse. But my neighb

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Legal Cannabis in Canada Starts Today

by Josh Jardine DONALD WEBER / STRINGER / GETTYStarting today, th

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by Wm. Steven Humphrey CALLING ALL SEXY PEOPLE! The Mercu

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Good Morning, News: Portland Police Changes Story About Patriot Prayer Guns, Trump Defends Saudis (and Kavanaugh), and Facebook Caught Lying

by Wm. Steven Humphrey Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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Are Mayor Wheeler's Proposed Protest Rules Legal?

by Alex Zielinski Dirk Vanderhart In the 24 hours since Mayor Ted Wheeler firs

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Things to Do Wednesday!

7 Things to Do for Oct 17 by Mercury Things to Do Staff

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by Suzette Smith Courtesy of the artist / Grand Central PublishingFor ma

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by Jenni Moore Today the ACLU of Oregon put out a stellar ad featuring the voices of refugees and immigrants who've lived in Oregon since youth. The ad hits the nail on the head, making clear that measure 105 is unjust, fear-based, and

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