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Food Adventures in Eugene
February 5th, 2013
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Oregon, my Perspective
Rants, raves and pictures.
February 5th, 2013
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Outside The Interzone
Miscellaneous thoughts on politics, people, math, science and other cool (if sometimes frustrating) stuff from somewhere near my favorite coffee shop.
September 1st, 2012
in Corvallis

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Portland (Many)
Corvallis (93)
Eugene (88)
Bend (64)
Salem (43)
Beaverton (40)
Hillsboro (23)
Astoria (19)
Ashland (12)
Tigard (10)

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Extensis — Behind the Logo

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What's New with Suitcase Fusion

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Typography Has its Day in Netflix’s “Abstract” Docu-series

Of all the new content that Netflix has created in recen

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Digital Asset Risk Management for Managers (Part 2)

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Suitcase Fusion - My Type of Subscription

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Digital Asset Risk Management for Managers (Part 1)

In the first installment of this two-part

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Extensis: New Look, Same Reliable Expertise

At Extensis, we take great pride in being one of the pioneers in providing thought

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These days, everybody’s talking about global warmi

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Our friends at Monotype hav

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Suitcase Fusion vs Suitcase TeamSync: How to Decide

As a member of our sales team here at Extensis, I work with customers every day who have a tough time deciding bet

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Whose DAM is it, Anyway?

Who is a participant in digital asset management? You are. And so is everyone else you work with who touches a digital asset in the cou

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How to Calculate Your Business Typography Investment ROI?

While talking with some of our customers, I’ve realised a common font manag

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Fun fact: The longest tandem bike ever built had 35 seats and was about 67-fee

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Where's the Love for Non-Brand Assets?

I recently wrote an arti

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Font Management for Windows

When utilizing a creative application, it’s important to have a solid game plan in mind around how your fonts will be managed. For macOS users

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Digital Assets Drive Brands — But That’s Just the Beginning

A not-so-recent pivot has occurred in the digital asset space. It’s no longer simply about assets

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Breaking the Bad News of Digital Asset Management

For far too long, practitioners and participants in the digital asset arena (including imagery, fonts, and a

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Thoughts from Toby Martin, Extensis' New CEO

After six years serving Extensis as Vice President of Development

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Get Organized Like an Academic

Having trouble managing multiple departments, multiple professionals, and thousands of digital a

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Why Do I Need a Font Manager?

For some people, hours of fun consist of watching adorable cat videos.

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The GEOINT Symposium, the nation’s largest gathering of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) profe

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Maximize the Value of Your Data with GeoExpress and Portfolio

The GEOINT Symposium, the nation’s largest gathering of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) professionals, is the premier annual

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How Many Fonts are There in the World?

There is a ubiquitous maxim in design that "good typography is

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Since 1956, May has been designated as National Bike Month

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