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Crappy Indie Music -- The Blog!

Located in Portland

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This is a Portland-centric, Vantucky-luvin' indie music blog.

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Friend of the blog Brynn has ad

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Beck, Brubeck, and Bach: Portland Cello Project at the Aladdin Theatre May 4, 2013

Crappy Indie Music tends to get a little exp

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Big Deal- "JUNE GLOOM"

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The Technicolors- "Listener" Album and Show Review

Can I just state right off that I question the wisdom of bu

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 Here's a good show to check out- The Technicolors have a nice blend between takes-itself-seriously-britpop and desert stoner rock. I know, right? Anyway, I'll be there tomorrow night. If you see a guy who is too old to make it onto the PDXPop compilation album, come say hi! The Technicolors are sup

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Sorry Andy - Had to stay outside the gate with my kid!

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WE DESERVE BETTER, Part 2- Justice

Sonic experimentation means nev

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You know I would never steer you wrong. DJ Stephen R- friend of the blog- just had a baby, so let's celebrate by listening to his new epic comp: Architects + Heroes Sampler Vol. 2 (A+H013) by Various Artists

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Guest post- "David Bowie: Should He Have Bothered?"

Hey everyone, enjoy this post from guest blogger Brynn Alexander:

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Holy shit. You have no idea how psyched I am about this.  The Hollywood is alwa

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Outer Space Heaters ROCK Slabtown, April 9th.

I've buzzed about the Outer Space Heaters here befo

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THE BEST ALBUMS YOU'VE NEVER HEARD: Freemasonry "Sparrin' With The Varmint"

I'm hoping to avoid too much of a nostalgia trap by not picking albums for this series that are important to the sa

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Somehow I totally

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Thanks again to Mute PR for sending all this great stuff our way.

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Sorry again for the radio silence.  To be honest, I was having a bit of a crisis in wondering whether to keep the blog running.  I suppose that is natural- I am a busy boy, after all.  But after talking with a couple of new friends I realize that Portland itself seems to be going through a weird musical slump

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Public Recognition

Public recognition. It doesn't happen muc

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This was totally not my idea, especially since my wife and I just found out there's a significant risk of our unborn babe having Down Syndrome, and for a romantic Valentine date, I get to take her in for amniocentesis.  If you're not familiar with that particular festive occurrence, they stick a honkin' big needle into

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Daddy Lion is a friend of the blog. They make nice music. Check out their newest album! Callow are working on something very interesting here. We should keep an eye on them. WHAT THE JESUS IS GOING

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THE KNIFE and Junip, News from Mute

A couple things from the fine folks at Mute.  I think you'r

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This just came in under the transom, and it's

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Crappy Indie Contest: Remix David Bowie's New Album Cover

Let's get this straight- I fucking love David Bowie. I have always loved David Bowie.  Not always actively, at first, but yes.  I remember being like 7 years old and watching a laser light show set to Space Oddity with my ultra cool dad (who turned me on to some of the best music I've ever listened to). I d

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Clyde Curley "RAGGEDY MAN" reading 1/10

Clyde Curley is not only my former English teacher- he's now a fir

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To all our friends- readers, artists, contributors- Crappy Indie Music would like to wish you a happy new year!  Things are already

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I totally swear that none of these entries will really have anything to do Christmas.  HAVEN'T I GIVEN YOU ENOUGH ALREADY!?!??!? GHOST THROWER

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Win tickets to Beats Antique 12/27!

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