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February 5th, 2013
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February 5th, 2013
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Outside The Interzone
Miscellaneous thoughts on politics, people, math, science and other cool (if sometimes frustrating) stuff from somewhere near my favorite coffee shop.
September 1st, 2012
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Bend (64)
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Beaverton (40)
Hillsboro (23)
Astoria (19)
Ashland (12)
Tigard (10)

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Trains, Computers, Bears, Carpentry, Debugging

Messing around with bikes

Wider handlebars (some noname Sakai bars that I

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite at night

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The main roads have been ploughed, but there’s still a sizable amount of ice on the

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keeping warm

Mavis sits by the fire

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Not exactly sane…


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Yup. it’s the apocalypse.

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The fourth snowstorm of the

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“Ice,” said the maple, “is bringing me down.”

A slow but pers

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite helps me align a hoverrack

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Belated holiday gift

A couple of tip finds from my friend Kevin; this one is a size huge Trek 560 w

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Flash-frozen chicken?  Not exactly…

The New Seasons rotisserie chicken is cheaper than buying it raw and prep

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Midwinter shopping

We’re having a few days of ridiculously cold for Portland (20-30&

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Rack #80

A low-riding (at the same elevation a

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The last shopping trip of a fairly awful year.

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite looks at a gift card

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Fork! Fork!

Two fork “kits” from fra

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Under the bridge

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Things have changed

No more GG-1s on the ex-PRR electrified

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Blurry tree

Getting the tree decorated at the very last min

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite does some seasonal cosplay

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Festive rando bag

A little (9x8.5x7) semi-traditional rando bag

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In use

I’m going to have to pull it, soak & clean it,

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Replacement fork

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If I’m going to put studded tires on the

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite helps me build a fork

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No steam locomotive today, so I’ll have to settle for a diesel

Compare to

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The mountainh

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Raising the dead

It’s been snowing in Portland, and since everything is covered

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A GS-4 is a somewhat more powerful engine than

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Illuminated Dust Mite.

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