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Food Adventures in Eugene
February 5th, 2013
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Oregon, my Perspective
Rants, raves and pictures.
February 5th, 2013
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Outside The Interzone
Miscellaneous thoughts on politics, people, math, science and other cool (if sometimes frustrating) stuff from somewhere near my favorite coffee shop.
September 1st, 2012
in Corvallis

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Portland (Many)
Corvallis (93)
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Bend (64)
Salem (43)
Beaverton (40)
Hillsboro (23)
Astoria (19)
Ashland (12)
Tigard (10)

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Compare & Contrast

SW-1 vs a thing

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Helping me track down why visual mode on windows garbles all the output and then dumps core (and

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I made a thing

I took the old Bianchi Strada frame that’s been sitting around in my bike mess since

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The programmer

Mavis uses the

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Network upgrades

A new firewall/router so I can convert the Actiontec modem that Qwest provided i

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Grocery shopping

I like big leeks and I can not lie You other brothers can’t deny

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Installing a friction-shifted 8-speed cassette on the junk bike

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Ridiculous phishing attempt of the week, complete with some really deranged html and wild-ass claims about the size of the disk on my mail server. Dear,   Your email has used up the storage limit of 99.9 gigabytes as def ined by&n

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Ozy & Thor & Dust Mite

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Thor & Dust Mite nap

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We went down to the Mill End Store today and picked up a couple of upholstery remnants so

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Floof Pillow

Ozymandias naps

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A short EPT passenger train sits on the McBrod Ave le

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At the narrow gauge trestle/tree sculpture at the foot of River Road &

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Sketching out a paint scheme for my (partially completed; the front triangle is sitting in a jig

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Taking the 3-speed (+ the bob yak) up to Trader Joe’s (for a change).

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Relaxing with a drink on Friday night

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Twilight shopping trip

Sewer goo, seltzer water, goldfish, and miscellaneous stuff from both t

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Devil Rat

Our little garbage rat sits on the plate rail

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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Setting up the

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Oh hahaha fuck me with a chainsaw

Time to put the studded tires (and different fenders)

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The majestic plusbike

(not actually a fatbike because that is reserved for 3"+ wide

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Rando junk

Not officially rando junk, ‘cause I wasn’t out breveting around, but close eno

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If it fits, it sits

Thor tries out my historical reenactment porteur/rando bag

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A little bit of snow finally stuck, just in time for it to get sunny and cold for a day

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… and off to the postoffice, in the snow

Yesterdays pile of pac

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Parcel post

A stack of bicycle parts (a couple of forks, a couple of racks, a hub, and a (di

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Framebuilding prep work

Mocking up the rear triangle of the non-Trek before taking a bucketload of measurement

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Helpful cat

Ozymandias helps me use the computer

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