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By Samuel John Klein of Portland, Oregon - Graphic Designer without Portfolio, aspiring artist who dawdled too long.

3579These are all times of extreme dexterity and chaos for many of us, and just because one has learnt to live with chaos doesn't mean that chaos is welcome.And that's as may be. Comes the time, more than often, when what one sees bearing down on one beco

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3578The scene: the Winco 122nd And Halsey store. Me and The Wife™ leave the Mighty Multnomah County Library midland branch after enjoying a recharging day amongst the books complete with Dutch Bros Coffee because that's the way you Library Day, and w

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3577I had the calendar finished and was publicizing it on Facebook last month and it only now occurred to me to feature it here. Silly me! I've always been much better at designing than marketing.But here it is and it's still wonderful, and there is still 360/36

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3576This was the scene on NE Killingsworth St just west of I-205, a favorite place, two mornings ago:

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3575And now, here's the progress of the most recent PBN, PaintWorks' "Flower Shop". Details to follow.

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3574Portland is in the midst of a building-boom, of course, economics being what it is here in terminal-stage capitalism, of properly Erisian proportion. It's only natural that someone or something in the collective psyche would snap.Here's what happened with it

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3573The Wife™ has declared this photo to be Portland AF:

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3572Good news for this artist's journey: a new source for more PBN projects has been identified, thanks for avid scouting work by The Wife™.Art Media, of course, is no more, for a few years now. But, in the space it once occupied on SE 82nd Avenue at King Road

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3571Southwest Stark Street is no more, kinda sorta, for a five-year transition period.But the street blades honoring the late San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk are up now. And for the next five years, the street will wear both names on the signposts. This is

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3570The progress on Taste of Italy so far has accelerated since my health has improved after getting over my cellulitis infection. I have resumed getting around mostly. There's still some healing left to do. Art should help. Here's where we are:

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3569When I was but a neat thing, and a kid in then-bucolic Silverton, Oregon, I remember there was a sporting goods shop on North Water Street between Main and Oak, on the west side of the street, called Chuck's Sport Shop.The building is still there, of course.

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The Daily Paint By Number: First Strokes of Taste Of Italy

3568I've begun painting the PaintWorks piece Taste of Italy. And there is a ton of detail here and with the glorious opportunities thereunto and the advanced techniques I have a chance to employ, I get a 'tyranny of choice' situation. It's impossible to choose

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A Glance At "Pencilgraphing", a Vintage How-To-Draw Book From the Thirties

3567It's evolved that one of the things I'm coming to greatly enjoy as age presents itself to me is the idea of antique and vintage art instuctionals. There have been people who want to make a living teaching the average you'n'me how to make drawing a

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Vintage Walter T. Foster Publication Celebrating The "New" Acrylics

3566Very old how-to-draw publications find their way to Powell's, as I've shown before. This one here is an unexpected delight, and timely into the bargain.This is the front cover of what appears to be a periodical, or at least an occasional series, c

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3565So, this is a first for this blog ... an 'unboxing' post. Only this isn't any sort of tech toy. This is a Dimensions PaintWorks PBN kit, the most advanced one I've seen yet, a light-year ahead of any I've done so far.The-clock-she-is-a-ticking, so let'

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3564.So, I glide-pathed gracefully into the end of Royal & Langnickel's PAL28-3T: 50's Diner. Of the various projects I've done since PBN has re-introduced itself to me, and me, it, this has been by far the most fun and satisfying.Whoever designed the

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3563.The recent fun and adventure of The Daily Paint By Number series has really turned me on to the idea of painting with acrylics as an ongoing thing. There is a great deal about painting with acrylics that I've heard: They're versatile, vibrant

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The Daily Paint By Number: 50's Cars at the 50's Diner

3562.The detail on the cars is complete. The colors are rich and bold and fun.

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Zob the Glob and the Pause That Refreshes

3561.Or, to mix commercial metaphors and taglines, let's just say that Zob probably does this at 10, 2, and 4.We are a Dr Pepper household after all.

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The Daily Paint By Number: 50's Diner, 50's Car

3560.Proceeding with the painting, I've blocked in the sky and parking lot and the trees, the cars, and the building stand out in negative space.

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The Daily Paint By Number: 50's Diner Sky Complete, and Laying The Asphalt

3559.The experience so far working 50's Diner is more satisfying than Flying Fortress was. This subject was much better-adapted, or maybe it suits the PBN mode better. Also, the choice of colors is much more apt. Add that to a panel that has the lines and numb

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3558.The Wife™ has recently been ethusiastically enjoying a book on cryptozoology and cryptids by Bryan Sykes, Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Last Neanderthal. She likes it because the author seems to be a skeptic who kinda wants to believe but is unafraid of exploring the

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The Daily Paint By Number: The Sky Over The 50's Diner

3556.... and on to our next project.As promised, it's Royal & Langnickel's PAL28-3T, titled 50s Diner. It's a stereotypical roadside diner straight out of all your 1950s American fantasies, with two classic muscle cars parked in

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The Daily Paint By Number: The Flying Fortress Is Complete

3556.I present for the delectation of all, Royal & Langnickel's PAL21, Flying Fortress, complete at it's gonna git.

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The Daily Paint By Number: PAL-21 "Flying Fortress" Is Almost Done

3554.TDPBN (Which, strictly speaking, isn't daily but this is my art and my blog and I do what I want) checks in with this nearly-complete piece.

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3553.Got another snap before we left the parking area on Bridge Avenue: as I said earlier, the west end of the bridge runs right into the hillside. At that end, the roadway makes a T-intersection with Bridge Avenue which allows a good viewpoint for a straight-on view up the

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3552.Now that I was finally on-point, it was time to play with framing and the effects thoughtfully provided in-camera to the Canon Powershot S-100 by the manufacturer.This first one is something of an "expected" compostion, good for just a nice picture you can

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3551.The trailhead to the trail to the viewpoint is easy to miss. The stairway to the trail was built aeons ago, in anno urbis terms, and it blends in amongst the slope and the shade from the trees and the ivy that covers the hillside. This is what it looks like in G

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3550.The two approaches to the Saint Johns Bridge couldn't me much more different if they were placed in different time zones.The east approach, from the business district of its namesake Portland neighborhood, is kind of what you'd expect from a bridge like thi

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3549.Well, we did it. I braved that trail and got up to the viewpoint and did the thing and now, like every other photographer, amateur or professional, who wants a picture-postcard view of the most beautiful bridge known, I has my own copy.

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