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By Samuel John Klein of Portland, Oregon - Graphic Designer without Portfolio, aspiring artist who dawdled too long.

The Daily Paint By Number: All That Orange

3543A.The title says it all, but it's a sure sign that I'm on the downhill side of the effort here when the addition of just one more color makes the piece start to feel complete.This orange isn't the orange in the OM kit, it's the aftermarket set's. Close enoug

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The Daily Paint By Number: Autumn's Coming-Prepare Yourself

3542A.Today on The Daily PBN, we have autumn winding up and getting ready to go:

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3541A.I, very recently, under the aegis of Powell's, acquired Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing From Life to bolster an already-groaning shelf loaded with books on drawing practice and technique.As an older work, it attracts. George Bridgman was an art

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3540A.Yesterday night, before the Ekumenical meeting, on the way into The Schnitz, we saw this fellow.As appropriate for the dignity of the surrounding venues, he played adept classical violin.

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3539A.On Wednesday, 13 June 2018, here in Portland, the city she called her own, a group of people devoted to her writing and her life of art convened to celebrate the legacy, still present in our minds

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3538A.Yesterday we were fortunate enough to attend the Ursula K. LeGuin tribute at the Schnitz, and we were lucky enough to score a parking spot on the west side of SW Park Avenue about thirty feet north of SW Main St; it was across the park block from the back of the hall.

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The Daily Paint By Number: The First of Indian Summer

3537A.Today we embarked on the very last piece in that eight-piece pack we've been nursing since last year. The title of this is Indian Summer, and it's a rather banal-yet-pleasant fall scene in the woods complete with cabin, pond, and trees exuberant in "the color".

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The Daily Paint By Number: The Floral Still-Life, Complete

3536A.This is the latest production from the PBN easel, a floral still-life.There were numerous small regions on it and I anticipated it taking longer than it did.Most of those small regions are the same color, though, so when I mix one color up, it goes a

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Portland: Like It Or Not, A City Of Sextants

3535A.As of yesterday, they finally went and did it, they did, did they.As a charter member of the Address Nerd club (or, as I like to call myself, a cartesiaphile), I hold my adoration of Portland's neat, well-ordered and pleasing address system as secon

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The Daily Paint By Number: Moar Boat

3534A.The actual title of this objet d'art is Tugboat's Passage. For those who wish to know.

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The Daily Paint By Number: Liberty and Boat

3533A.Moar paint (as acquired two days ago) means, of course, moar painting.The Statue of Liberty is completed. Now ... well, it's the fishing boat, now.

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3532A.Just very recently I had another absolutely satisfying interaction with the people at Living Computers in Seattle, who wanted to use the Colossus/Guardian 2020 campaign sticker design for stickers meant to be sold in the gift shop.This is always a good thi

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3531A.Where ever we go, that friendly little guy, Zob the Glob, tends to tag along.  And, like us, he adores the Multnomah County Library.Zob's interested in everything. But he's easily distracted. He was keen on American history ...

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So, I Needed More Acrylic Paint For My Paint-By-Number Habit ...

3530A.I've been playing about with Paint-by-number again. The set I bought last year at Powell's has eight panels in it, and I'm on number five, which is the Statue of Liberty, here:

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3529A.Statistics show, or so I've heard, that my area of Portland, DavidDouglasLandia, Out 122nd Way, Portland's Heavy Eastside and That Part Of Portland East Of I-205, is the most diverse area of, probably, the whole state.I think it likely. Of the places I

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3528A.Now, on Friday morning, we return to this blog's national pastime: photographing Wy'east from the Rossi Farms, now having moved our POV to NE Shaver Street east of 122nd. A massive rethink of the bike lane situation on 122nd between Fremont and Shaver has eliminated

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3527A.On the 13th, I was on the way home from working overnight as I do.The sunrise was particularly wonderful. There were clouds, and they were catching the long rays of the rising sun in that way that never fails to get my attention.

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3526A.Been quiet around here of late, but about 1/2 mile west of where I work, there was a BIG fire. Old auto boneyard near NE 75th and Killingsworth. FIVE alarms.Killingsworth closed west of 82nd. I took this picture from just east of 82nd.

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3525A.A couple of weeks ago prior to Book Church we stopped in at the Portland Blick Art Supply store, located and NW 10th and Glisan, and had a look-see.While there, I had to get a photo of this inspired explanation of why Bristol is good for ink, because it us

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3524A.Don't look now, but Portland may be about to grow a sixth address area. Actually, it already exists. Anyone familiar with the map of Portland knows that the Willamette River and Burnside Street makes a basic division of the address grid into

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3523A.Christine Nishiyama is an illustrator who is the foundation of Might Could Studios, and believes in community, accountability and consistent practices. This last week, she's debuted an Instagram community that may be just the note some of us under-motivated aspirers n

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How To Draw By E.G. Lutz: The Man Who Enabled Disney

3522A.Earlier tonight, at Powell's during Book Church, I stumbled on a couple of books by a man whose work was instrumental in giving us Disney via the public library.Edwin George Lutz was a commercial artist and illustrator who authored several books on art and

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3521A.The sticker was probably designed by Michael Bay, and its script was written by J.J. Abrams.

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3520A.This rather snuck up on me and took me by surprise, I'm abashed to say, but a rather historically-named street in downtown Portland is about to change its colors, rainbow-ward.

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3519A.... and they look pretty spiffy.As any designer or artist I imagine would tell you, it's one thing putting together a work of art, commercial or otherwise. But to have someone produce it so slickly, especially since you love pop culture and being a part of

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3518A.Seen very recently, on  morning commute home from work. Location: Southbound offramp from I-205 to the Washington-Stark couplet:

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In Which I Sell A Design. As In, Get Paid For It.

3517A.So, some time ago, during the last year of this time of extreme dexterity, I thought that the chances of being Presidented over by one less-than-impressive Republican vs another less-than-impressive Republican meant that maybe D.F. Jones had the right idea all along,

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Folsom Dam, Near Sacramento CA, December 2017

3516A.A person of much ilk to our household visits his mom, who lives in an area outside Sacramento called Carmichael, every so often. During the great drought of 2013-2015, Folsom Lake, located about twenty-five miles northwest of the center of California's capital city, b

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3515A.The lapel of my rather-battered jacket tells a story, or at least I try to have it entertain all comers.Right now, it's got merely five autos-da-fe. They are, as follows:

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3514A.Another day of working overtime. Clouds moving in, there's a dusky darkness to the midmorning sky. I didn't think The Mountain would be out, but she was, and the dark cast to the light ... probably the same quality that the Grimm crew loved ... could not be ign

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