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comments from a conservative Christian perspective, sometimes on Oregon local and state issues with thanks to A.E. Housman

Fire Hydrants

One wonders how the first one got located in what is now the middle of the sidewalk.The second is due both to placement on a sloped yard and owner lack of upkeep.What were they thinking?

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Problem Somewhat Solved: How to Get My Dog to Take His Pills

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I Like This Low Emissions Vehicle

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Elliot Njus of the Oregonian reports the "Average Oregon renter can no longer afford a typical one-bedroom apartment".The average Oregon renter can no lon

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Portland Makes School Zones/Child Safety Nearly Obsolete

Now that Portland has a 20 mph speed limit in all residential areas unless posted otherwise, it's kind of sad to see school zone warnings to slow down to 20 mph during school days and certain hours or when the school light is flashing. It's now school zone 24/7--which means with no relationship to the safety of children.

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The Peter Iredale: 1906 to 2018

MaxRedline has a post up on the Peter Iredale with a current picture of the wreck remains.

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Only 28 votes* against the budget bill that continues massive deficit spending. Sixteen were Republicans:Burr (R-NC)Cassidy (R-LA)Corker (R-TN)Cr

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In October of 2013 the Oregonian was concerned about what a federal government shutdown would do to thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of "vulnerable Oregonians".

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I'm thankful to the Lord for so much. Most recently this little guy.

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Happy Halloween!

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Sunspot Today

Was fooling around today with my new solar filter. Originally bought for my telescope but I can also hang it on my superzoom camera. It's just a flexible filter material like on the solar eclipse glasses but mounted in a round cardboard holder. Cost $20.I went online and found a photo from the

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The Oregon Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the Portland Arts Tax is legal.The justices considered that the exclusion of taxing those making under $1,000, low income families, and Social Security, federal pension

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Fire Truck Pulls Into Gas Station

I don't know what was happening here, but it was an interesting scene of the fire truck overwhelming the gas station with the ambulance sitting quietly at the side.

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Solar Eclipse at 99%

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Shame on Jeff Sessions for Increasing Government Use of Asset Forfeiture

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I usually think Brent Bozell is a good thinker even when I don't agree with him. But, his Media Research Center (MRC--which runs Newsbusters on my sidebar) stepped in it this time.Bozell was upset because USAA stopped advertising on the Sean Hannity show. So, MRC mobilized people to complain to USAA.

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A friend of mine posted a picture of a Prince Rupert's Drop on Instagram with the caption: "took science 400 years to discern its mystery." Not knowing anything about it or why it was a mystery I went to youtube and found this:    I watched a couple more of his videos and found I kind of li

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but the family cannot exist in all its dignity if it is subordinate to the city.2/2— Seth Benardete (@seth_benardete) March 31, 2017 I audited one of Benardete's cou

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Heh. Imagine Democrats being concerned about lax voter ID enforcement.Ellis, the former director of Emerge America, a women’s political organization, lost the election by a narrow margin of 6

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If plagiarizing ends up sinking Clarke instead of the fact his office let prisoners die of thirst, we might be irredeemable indeed.— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) May 21, 2017

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United Airlines Is Acting Wisely

Just received this in my email box.

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Some 1989 Magazine Ads

I came across an old 1989 magazine and thought some of the ads interesting in what has changed and what hasn't.

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I'm glad people who understand legalese have figured out what the new Republican healthcare bill says.The federal government still

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